What kind of effort do you put in to become a webtoon writer?

As webtoons have become more popular these days, people’s interest is growing.

The number of people who want to become webtoon artists is increasing.

Becoming a webtoon writer requires hard work and passion, and below are some key steps and efforts.

Passion and will as a webtoon writer

To become a webtoon writer, you need strong passion and drive. It is important to have the will to overcome difficulties while pursuing your dream as a webtoon writer.

Develop art and storytelling skills

Webtoon artists must develop drawing and storytelling skills. It can be helpful to take art classes or online courses to improve your drawing skills and hone your storytelling skills.

Explore the webtoon platform

As a webtoon author, you must decide which webtoon platform you will work on. There are various platforms such as Naver Webtoon, Daum Webtoon, Lezhin Comics, and Kakao Page, and you must be familiar with the policies and requirements of each platform. 툰코

Create a Portfolio

Create a portfolio to demonstrate your drawing and storytelling skills. Include examples of your work, character designs, panel layouts, etc. in your portfolio.

Online community activities

Participate in online webtoon communities to increase your experience and awareness as a webtoon writer. You can improve your skills by interacting with other writers and getting feedback.

Create a serial work

Create and serialize your own webtoon work. Initially, gain experience by maintaining a flexible schedule regarding your serialization cycle.

Accept feedback

Interact with readers to receive feedback and improve your work. Readers’ opinions are a valuable resource that help you grow and develop as a writer.

Publishing and Marketing

If a webtoon becomes popular, there may be opportunities for publishing or commercialization. Consider options such as partnering with a publisher or selling your own webtoons. Attract more readers through your marketing efforts.

Continue to learn and develop

As a webtoon writer, always maintain an attitude of learning and improving new technologies and trends. Consistently strive to improve your artistic and storytelling skills.

Becoming a webtoon artist can be a highly competitive, time- and effort-consuming process. However, with passion and dedication, it is possible to develop your skills, constantly evolve, and become a writer who delivers emotion and joy to readers.

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